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Are you interested in continuing your education? Or maybe your upcoming generation is looking at colleges and wants to keep the family business in mind. The FBC has begun offering classes that center around family business operations!

Housed within the College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa, FBC courses support degrees or certificates in Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

the FBC is going to the piedmont region in Italy

Let's go to Italy!

We're taking UNI students AND Iowa families to visit Iowa's manufacturers and business extensions all over Italy in May of 2025! During the two-week course, we'll be touring businesses, learning about the culture and experiencing Italy.

Informational webinars:

Family Business Management

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the Iowa economy. The intersection of the family, management and ownership of the business creates both challenges and opportunities for these families, the business and their management team. This is an important topic as roughly 80% of all businesses are family-owned. The Family Business Management course focuses on this vital sector of our economy. We explore generational succession, family governance, management complexities and other key issues unique to family-owned companies.


family businesses are in Italy—and at least 15 have direct Iowa connectors


of Italy's businesses are family-owned


are in the top 100 oldest businesses in the world

Ask Dan about family business courses at UNI

Dan is an adjunct and teaches classes at the University of Northern Iowa about family business management and entrepreneurship. If you're interested in attending, would like to be a class speaker, or have an idea to support students in another way, reach out to Dan today.


P: 319-273-4322

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