The FBC offers individualized support for families who operate businesses together. Perhaps you need support creating governance documents or developing a succession plan. Or maybe there are some difficult conversations that your family doesn't feel comfortable facilitating on its own. 

Our team will sit down with your family—as a group and one-on-one—to discuss the challenges you're facing and work toward long-lasting solutions.



“We knew the elephant was in the room but we were working so hard every day that we just kept pushing it back. Dan was instrumental in bringing the key players and family members together. Making us have goals and objectives. That was a huge weight lifted off of us because it brought in a third party who could objectively look at it and take the emotion out.”


Get started on your succession and governance journey

Dan works closely with families like yours to reach your interpersonal goals (think: communication, governance and succession planning). Plus, he has the experience and network to get you connected to resources that will help your family in the long run.


P: 319-273-4322