Never Go Against the Family

Never Go Against the Family podcast by the UNI FBC“Never Go Against the Family” is a podcast produced by the University of Northern Iowa Family Business Center. We know that family-owned businesses are different. During each episode, we interview a member of a family business and experts from all different industries. As our favorite godfather Vito Corleone advises, never go against the family.

"Never Go Against the Family" is available on all podcast platforms. Learn more about who we are, the families we work with, and our expert resources with the links below.

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Never go against the family podcast Never go against the family podcast


  1. Introducing Never Go Against the Family
  2. A wealth library of resources with Dennis Passis
  3. Preparing emerging leaders with Heidi Vermeer-Quist
  4. Succeeding as a married-in with Evan Reiman
  5. From dentistry to the manufacturing family business with Joel Weiler
  6. Leaning into change and tough conversations with Tom Hubler
  7. Surviving a generational transition with Sen. Adrian Dickey
  8. Finding your place in the family business with Jody Schulte
  9. Rebecca Zabel on the power of peer learning
  10. Governance strategies to consider with Maxwell Youngquist