Biographies & Memoirs

What's your family's story?

Outstanding families and inspirational figures have changed the economic and physical landscape of Iowa. Are you interested in writing the story of your family business? Is there a prominent leader from your family whose life you'd be interested in putting on paper?

We are now offering biography and memoir services! 

Why should you document your story?

  • If you have 3+ generations involved, you want to document the family stories and business legacy for future generations to understand how you've made decisions and recognize key moments.
  • Let's cement your predecessor’s legacy. The outgoing generation has unlimited wisdom to share. Let's learn from their experiences.
  • If you have a major milestone like a business anniversary coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to share your story with family, non-family employees and the community you're a part of.
  • At the end of this process, you will receive a narrative about your family’s business and its history and the story of how you’ve shaped the Iowa economy.

Heirloom Ink

Katie and Kristen are teaming up to publish your story! Together, we'll identify your story and develop a plan to research and share the history of your business and how it shaped the wider community (and world!). This will culminate in a special heirloom that you can pass on for generations to come. Connect with Katie to start the conversation.


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