Legacy Awards

Recognizing Iowa’s longest-standing family businesses

The Legacy Awards stand as a distinguished tribute to Iowa’s oldest family- owned companies, honoring their enduring commitment, innovation, and invaluable contributions to the state’s economic and cultural landscape. These awards serve as a testament to the rich history, unwavering resilience, and forward-thinking vision of these remarkable businesses, which have weathered the test of time and continue to thrive. They recognize not only the longevity of these businesses but also their adaptability, innovation, and the significant impact they have made on the communities they serve.

These awards hold a special place in Iowa’s business community, showcasing the stories of determination and perseverance that have shaped the state’s economic growth. They provide inspiration and a platform for sharing the wisdom and best practices that these seasoned companies have gathered over the years. In bestowing these awards, Iowa pays tribute to the past while applauding the future potential of these legacy companies.

2023 Recipients



King's Material

In 1882, William King founded King’s Crown Plaster Company with a focus on dredging sand out of the Cedar River to make plaster. After a handful of additions and mergers throughout the next century, the company was purchased by Charlie P. Rohde, whose family owns the business to this day. Built solidly on the values of quality and service, the two generations involved in daily operations have the experience needed to offer the highest standards in concrete, masonry and landscaping. They hold their responsibility as industry-leaders in high regard and continue to pass that responsibility down generation to generation.

ALMACO family



ALMACO was founded in 1884 by the Allan family in Ames as a blacksmith shop. In the 1960’s, the founder’s great-grandson Wendall Allan started manufacturing small seed research equipment under the “ALMACO” brand name. This was derived as an acronym of “Allan Machine Company.” In 1978 Wendall sold the research equipment manufacturing division, along with the ALMACO name to Gary W Clem. The business was moved to its current location in Nevada, Iowa, in 1982. Gary and his two sons are still active in the business.