The FBC generates a lot of content. Between events, blog posts and content from our service providers, we have a huge amount of resources ready for you to dive into. Take a look at the samples below. Then, join our membership to get a full-access pass to the Info Hub—our resource reservoir.

Learning on a virtual zoom call
Learning on a virtual zoom call

Info Hub

The Info Hub is a password-protected, closed-door website for members to access the tools they need to be successful. This is the place to access the most benefits available to you at any given moment—short of attending an event, that is! Inquire about a UNI Family Business Center membership to get access.

Family Governance

Setting up ground rules, discussing values, and involving a third party are all essential pieces of family business governance. We have these three resources and more to get you started thinking about how family members are hired and kept accountable.

Example: Family Meeting Ground Rules

Example: Family Employment Committee Structure

Succession Planning

Successful succession planning ensures the longevity of a business, creating a healthy and sustainable plan to transition ownership and leadership to a new generation. While all families face this challenge, not many are prepared. Take control of your business' future by learning more about succession planning today.

Succession Planning equals Succession

Employee Compensation

Not all employees of a family business are members of the family. While it's an advantage to have non-family members on your team, it is important to show them that they're appreciated as much as family members.

Family Employment Committee Structure